DocPicks for Sunday: Alone and together

Alone and together-theme approaches painfully current topics on DocPoint’s final day. Reflecting on loneliness and the meanings of being together can be more relevant than ever in the middle of the quarantine year.

Intimate documentary SOLITAIRE DANCE shows three views on the experience of loneliness and the mechanisms of surviving it. You can also watch the Q&A-interview with director Antti Lempiäinen.

The Winner of the DocPoint 2021 Audience Award MARIKA’S PASSING looks at life when you know it’s going to end soon. Living with terminal cancer, Marika wants to experience joy in every day that she has left.

The Sundance-awarded THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE follows a family struggling to make everyday life normal in the middle of a warzone. The documentary transforms into an interesting metafilm when the family’s daughter Myroslava starts to film their day-to-day life. Can filmmaking become their coping-mechanism in the middle of the war? There is also the Q&A-interview with director Iryna Tsilyk to be seen.