Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival



The Sámi are Europe’s only remaining indigenous people, who reside in the northernmost regions of the Nordic countries, including Finland. Their existence is tied to their language, traditional knowledge and relationship to the land, which they nurture so that it may someday sustain the future generations of Sámi yet to come. However, in the midst of this serene landscape howls a series of broken rights, laws, and injustices as the Sámi are time and time again caught under the foot of the Finnish government and the state’s economy-driven policies.

Suvi West’s Eatnameamet takes a swing at these injustices through a series of themes that each represent a significant element to the Sámi in one way or another. The topics, such as language, ownership and power, are each explored through opinions and discussions amongst Sámi, sometimes in quiet chats along a forest stroll, other times roared through a megaphone at a climate change rally.

Eatnameamet walks a precarious line, balancing between an intimately heavy topic of a struggling nation, with sweeping panoramas of the landscapes in the heart of the Sámi homeland, where reindeers roam amongst the rolling fells and flowing rivers.

Lydia Taylerson

Language: Sámi, Finnish, English, Swedish
Subtitles: English, Finnish, Swedish
Director: Suvi West
Production Country: Finland
Year: 2021
Length (min): 74
Age limit: S
Cinematographer: Anssi Kömi
Screenplay: Suvi West
Editing: Markus Leppälä
Music: Anthoni Hætta
Producer: Janne Niskala
Production Company: Vaski Filmi
A Title in Original Language: Eatnameamet – Min jaskes dáistaleapmi