Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival



The Finnish designer Henrik Wahlforss had a flourishing career in industrial design and innovation in the 1970s. In 1980, he decided, however, to leave his career to write a book. Not any book; he wanted to write his prediction about the future, which became for him a life-long project.  

Combining archive material, interviews, and dramatizations, the film Tidresenären brings the viewer closer to Wahlforss’s fascinating life and predictions. What kind of visions for the future of humanity and development did this visionary idealist have? When one listens to Wahlforss’s ideas about a sustainable and environmental-friendly society, or his concerns about the pursuit of an infinite growth, it is hard to believe that his thoughts date back to the 1970-80s. His worries about the resilience of the environment, nuclear power, and racism feel startlingly contemporary. It is also striking to see how many inventions designed by Wahlforss have been made real to this day. It is as if the designer had truly seen the future.  

In the movie, the older son of the late Wahlforss tells how his father opposed the prevailing system during his whole life and never gave up on his dream of a better and more sustainable future. The dream of a visionary father continues its life with his son 

 Laura Rantalainen (Translation: Aleksi Moine) 

Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Director: Anna-Karin Grönroos
Production Country: Finland
Year: 2021
Length (min): 64
Age limit: S
Cinematographer: Mikko Kelloniemi
Screenplay: Anna-Karin Grönroos
Editing: Anna-Karin Grönroos
Sound Design: Samppa Hirvonen
Music: Salla Luhtala
Producer: Oskar Forstén
Production Company: Parad
A Title in Original Language: Tidsresenären