Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival



The lines between documentary and fiction are innovatively blurred in Il Mio Corpo, in which two lives intersect in Sicily: those of Oscar, a local boy from a poor family, and Stanley, an immigrant from Nigeria.

Teenager Oscar spends his days looking for scrap metal among piles of garbage with his father, in order to sell it and earn money for the family. Stanley cleans up church floors and works other jobs that a friendly priest offers him. Oscar doesn’t get along with his father, whilst Stanley is expecting the results of his roommate’s visa application. Both seem to be stuck in their situations, depending on the people around them.

Il Mio Corpo’s Sicily is ruggedly beautiful, going to rack and ruin under the dry heat of the sun. At first glance, this environment and the harsh conditions seem to be the only thing connecting the two main characters. However, by cross cutting between their lives, the film gently invites the viewer to make comparisons and find other commonalities between the two.

The film gets its power from its restraint and startles with simple moments of beauty. A statue of Virgin Mary found from a pile of garbage, a cooling dip in the ocean, the flush of speed when Oscar races with his bike. And when the film offers its main characters a chance to find each other for a moment, it lingers on in the mind long after the film is over.

Inari Ylinen

Language: Sicilian, Pidgin
Subtitles: English
Director: Michele Pennetta
Production Country: Switzerland, Italy
Year: 2020
Length (min): 81
Age limit: K7
Cinematographer: Paolo Ferrari
Editing: Damian Plandolit, Orsola Valenti
Sound Design: Edgar Iacolenna
Producer: Joëlle Bertossa
Production Company: Close Up Films, Kino produzioni