Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival



From a Distance (2020), directed by Ewa Górzna and Katarzyna Miron, allows the forest animals to take the forefront, to be and observe. Humans do not report or explain, but are present only as sounds of passing cars or on a look-out in a bird tower – as if being part of a herd themselves.

The Problem of the Hydra (2020) is Maija Tammi’s essay film which leads us to the mysteries of a mysterious, immortal polyp. Hydra is preoccupied with its existence: how does it live, how come it does not die, how does it eat, how does it reproduce? In the footsteps of Jean Painlevé, a French experimental underwater documentary filmmaker, Tammi’s work combines the astonishments of the aquatic world with electronic music.

In Marjo Levlin’s film Ellipsis (2021), the narrator collides with animal-shaped shooting targets in the woods. She sets out to unravel a breathtaking and fascinating cultural-historical tangle of animal and human rights: the power of a gaze, the objects of exhibition, and the secondary power of being under scrutiny.

Liinu Grönlund and Okku Nuutilainen’s poetic documentary Observe These Words (2021) focuses on endagered amphibians. The latin name for the amphibian, amphibia, refers to life on two elements (land and water). The two also draw on the structure of the film, as images depict the artificial, regulated habitat of small animals, whilst the voice-over emphasizes the call of freedom and future.

Tytti Rantanen (Translation: Anu Lehtinen)

Language: English, Finnish
Subtitles: No subtitles/English
Production Country: Finland
Year: 2020, 2021
Length (min): 59
Age limit: S