Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino

Having graduated as a geologist, and studied literature, Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino (1985) took part in the 2017 Ateliers Varan filmmaking workshop, organised between the Central African Republic, the French embassy, and the European Union. It was here that his directorial debut first took shape, and eventually became the film Docta Jefferson. The short film went on to be chosen for various international film festivals. Ngaïbino continued to work with the Ateliers Varan project, and directed his first feature-length documentary film Makongo. Presenting its Nordic premiere at DocPoint, the moving film chronicles a small Central African Pygmy village’s unshakeable desire to provide their children an education by fundraising with the local delicacy; roasted caterpillars. Makongo will compete in DocPoint’s International Competition series.

Watch the Q&A with director Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino below. The video is in French with English subtitles.