This year, the festival’s print magazine will be replaced with an online release titled the Festival Magazine, published on the festival website. Through interviews with filmmakers and other stories, the magazine will shed light on the festival programme and the process of organising the festival. Stories will be published at regular intervals starting on Dec 1, 2020.

  • Jury statements on the winners of DocPoint’s Finnish and International Competitions Finnish Competition DocPoint’s Finnish Competition winner is John Webster’s film DONNER – PRIVATE. The jury’s statement: “A unique portrait with outstanding use of archive material and a carefully structured pace, constructing and deconstructing its protagonist, using interviews, private photographs and memories of close companions all beautifully edited, managing to bring us close to a person that wants to stay distant. The […]
  • “My work is lost moments”: Gianfranco Rosi directs, writes, produces and films
    “Are you insane?”, the producer asked, when Gianfranco Rosi decided to leave his camera behind and head towards the previously ISIS-held regions to do months-long background research for his newest film Notturno. The famed director reveals his trade secrets in a Q&A interview with DocPoint film festival. “Won’t you at least take a small camera? What if something incredible happens?”, Gianfranco Rosi remembers his producer asking, as the documentary director was setting off to […]
    This year’s Aho & Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award goes to film editor Tuuli Kuittinen. The Aho & Soldan Lifetime Achievement Award has been granted since the first DocPoint festival in 2002 for significant efforts in developing creative Finnish documentary filmmaking, as well as a long and outstanding career as a documentary film director. Documentary film maker Jouko Aaltonen interviewed the winner. Over a hundred films, including short films, feature-length fiction films, but […]
  • Spat out by the sea: tales and wisdom in Walk the Tideline
    An interview with director Anna Antsalo, whose documentary about beachcombers, Walk the Tideline, is DocPoint’s opening film. Who or what is a beachcomber? I believe that anyone who enjoys spending time on beaches, scouring through the little nooks for objects and life, is a beachcomber. These beach sweepers explore the shore and know to look out for treasure washed up by the sea. Oftentimes the items brought by the sea are a lifeline. What interested you about them? A while ago I read […]
  • “COVID-19 does not define what we watch, only how we watch”
    Kati Juurus, the artistic director of DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, introduces the programme  of the 20th edition of one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the Nordics. While the world’s been halted and we’ve retreated into quarantine, I’ve been walking by ocean shores as a guest of the Caiçara community (No Kings). I have danced the rumba in Kinshasa (Rumba Rules, New Genealogies), schmoozed with Russian men in garages (Garage People), and looked on as a tiger born […]
  • DocPoint TeamFestival work during Corona
    DocPoint’s Artistic Director Kati Juurus opened up a few weeks ago about her feelings on building a festival in the times of Corona. Her musings were published in the Festival Magazine under the name Hybrid Optimism. The current situation however affects each and every one of the festival team, both in the work to be done and the general atmosphere. Organising a public event during a global pandemic is stressful, challenging, and rewarding, sums up the DocPoint festival team: “We’re not doing […]
  • HYBRID OPTIMISM – How to create a festival programme in the time of Corona?
    As I write this, all cinemas in Helsinki’s metropolitan area have been closed – just as I was close to finishing DocPoint’s festival programme, with only a few final touches to go. Despite these terrible times, I feel oddly – or perhaps unrealistically – optimistic: the new Corona regulations will push infection rates down so that in January we will be in a much better situation. The healthcare system will get a start on the vaccination campaign after the turn of the year. And by the start of […]